All of us know that USA used to be the best known land of opportunities. USA is big and bigger and the sky used to be the limit. But time is changing, Small is the new Big, please consider our Island of Curacao for the new opportunities you are searching for.

Who we are

Our Island of Curacao is small, our population is between 150.000 and 180.000 persons. But we have a great banking system, an International Airport (US, South America, Caribbean and Europe are daily connected by some mayor companies like, AA, KLM, Easy Jet, Canadian Air, Avianca, Air Berlin, TUI etc), a port and anchoring possibilities for the biggest ships in the World. The telecom and internet services are high-tech and our legal system is based on the law of the Netherlands which is connected to the EU.
We talk at least 4 languages basically, English, Spanish, Dutch and the local language Papiamentu. But we also are known for our Portuguese and Chinese speaking community.
Also good to know is that we have our own Central Bank, we are protected by the Dutch Army and we are situated outside the hurricane belt (yes, we are safe!).

Consider us

So please consider our Island as a possible land where you can reach the sky and higher. You are welcome to do business, work, study or just live of your earned money or pension. We have nice apartments for the longer stay and great hotels like, Marriott, Hilton, Renaissance, Avila Beach Hotel, Plaza Hotel, Holiday Inn etc.  Private villa’s and nice condo’s will surprise your wildest dreams!
For our non-European/US citizens clients, by living officially on our Island you can reach the US, Europe or South America  easier due to the fact that we have the most Embassies of the World on the Island. It will be easier to get a travel visa and next to that you have rights to the Dutch passport after living 5 years on the Island. If you get in love and marry one of us, you will take 2 years of and you will be granted a Dutch passport after only 3 years!