We have a good variability of set up of possible companies as vehicle to handle your business. If it is you as a person who wants to secure some assets or international business company, local, offshore or you want a combination of companies and foundations, etc.  it is important for us to understand your needs so we can advice the right possible set up for you.

With you we will deliberate the right possible, financial best and legal, set up of company (or companies). for your need.

If needed we can arrange for a fiscalist, accountant, lawyer of other consultants. We are working with good and trustfully members from the professional community on the Island.



Merging of partners is a key activity of our office. The need for a partner in the Caribbean is mostly a strategic step to make. We are the eyes and ears for you. We will look for the best partner in town and will match you. Knowing the market and the way on the Island we can iform you for the best local organization for you.

Sometimes it is the local party that is looking for you. We will conduct a Quick Scan on the company and their request so you can make a well-informed decision.



The Island of Curacao has a Dutch based financial construction. The taxes are basically very look alike, but we do have our specific rulings.

Depending on the requests of you side we will advice the best possibilities for your endeavor.

The banks constructions are adaptable for the clients who are related to Europe, US and the South America. For the Caribbean collega Islands we do have different bank relationships.

Please let us know your need and we will care of it. If needed we will work with the right partner of your specific job.



Doing business international has it risks. You do not want to be surprised with a law you never heard of during a big merging or after a year doing business. Our Legal system is based on the Dutch and European law, and Government law acceptance system.  So there will be no overnight surprises!

We will advice you for al the basic laws and interpretation in the practice. For more specific or complex cases we will work with some of the best lawyers in town.

Please let us know your concern regarding your business intentions.


Hub to the Caribbean and South America

Our location in on the world map is very clear: we are in the middle of the world!
We are next to the Caribbean Islands, close to South America and Middle America. And for us to do business in US, it is a 2 hour flight away.
So if you want do business in this part of the world, it is more then logically to establish yourself in the middle: On Curacao!

Next to our geographically location we need to inform you of our practical gate ways:
1. Internet, we have one of the best internet connections in the region
2. personal logistics:  you can reach the world through us daily by the international carriers. US, Europe, South and Middle America etc.
3. product and service logistics: Our port is one of the most interesting ports in the region. Please inform yourself of this by your carrier or ask us for more information.


Job hunting

Our Jobhunting service is specially developed for the professional who want to work on our Island of Curacao. We have one of the best headhunters on the Island in home.
Please let us know what job you wish for and we advice you on the available possibilities. The key to success is hereby the way you are presenting yourself. We will help you to gain the most leverage possible on the others who want “your” specific job too.

This service is not for free and is only for talented persons.



In case you are personally relocating to our Island, we will handle all administrative processes for you and your family. Please take notice of the process length.
And if you are relocating your company, we will handle the total process. Depending on your company needs we will proceed. If Government help is needed, we will make sure that all is handled on a turnkey base.